Common Pain Generators in the Spine – Integrated Pain Solutions

There are many possible reasons for the spine to develop pain problems. As you are now aware, the spine is always involved in movement, and with movement, you may develop degenerative breakdown changes. Complicating the mechanical qualities, which can degenerate and become painful, is the nervous system that interweaves throughout the mechanical spinal structure. Even the slightest impingement upon these delicate nerves is capable of causing a massive pain response and disability, similar to how a minute grain of sand in the eye can bring you to your knees in tears. The point is – there does not need to be significant irritation or impingement upon a nerve for it to send pain signals that can be overwhelming. Spinal sources of pain are many and include nerve impingement, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, facet pathology, spinal instability, post-surgical spine pain, nerve entrapments and vertebral body compression fractures.

Nerve root impingement, often spoken of as a “pinched nerve” is probably the most common pain complaint relating to the spine, and results in shooting pain down the extremity. This is called a “radiculopathy” from its Latin derivative, since the nerve root is involved. When occurring in the leg, it is also referred to as “sciatica”. Radiculopathy and sciatica are merely descriptive terms; they fail to explain the reason for the pain, but only describe the pattern in which pain travels. This impingement occurs not peripherally, but usually in the spine, as the nerve roots exit.

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