Holistic Care

Pain is a product of inflammation. Inflammation is our physiologic response to invasion by infectious agent, toxin, chemical, or damage from physical trauma. For example, if you were to injure your knee, it would become red and tender. Our body then knows to take it easy on that leg. Short-term inflammation, for the purpose of assisting in the healing process, is good but chronic and/or systemic inflammation is associated with oxidative stress and is the root of most disease. Long term inflammation can be due to uncontrolled medical conditions such as chronic infection, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, etc. Inflammation can also be present as a result of poor diet or lifestyle choices (i.e. fast food, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, frequent exposure to chemicals or toxins, excessive alcohol consumption, etc).

Disease risk has been blamed on genetics for years, but recent scientific truths are showing your genes can be activated and inactivated simply through diet and lifestyle. You are not a prisoner to your genetic makeup. It’s what you pass over your genes, in the form of food intake, that determines your health outcome. You can significantly decrease, and in some cases completely eliminate your pain by making different food and lifestyle choices! Change your diet, change your life! In certain cases, you need extra assistance to bring balance to your system. Healthy choices, nutritional education, and possible supplementation under the guidance of a trained nutrition professional is pivotal to obtaining success.

Our holistic care is provided by an expert that has been clinically and holistically trained in nutrition and wellness counseling, Staci Shacter.