Cervicalgia is also known as neck pain that does not radiate one way or the other, but is a constant pain. There are many possible causes of cervicalgia. Sometimes the sheer weight of the head can cause cervicalgia, as the muscles in the neck can strain to hold up all 10 pounds of the head. More specifically, poor posture can also aggravate the neck muscles, if the head leans forward, and does not rest straight on top of the neck in its natural position. Other causes include spinal degeneration or disc herniation.


  • Constant aching in the neck and sometimes a sharp pain in the neck during movement
  • Pain especially occurs when rotating the head or neck side to side or up and down
  • Tightness in the upper back and/or neck muscles
  • The neck might be tender to the touch
  • All around stiffness in the neck
  • Headaches

  How to immediately alleviate the pain temporarily:

  • Ice the neck initially and then apply hot and/or cold packs if pain persists beyond a couple days
  • Rest
  • For severe pain, ask your doctor for an evaluation of the specific causes for this pain and treatments options, including medication
  • Physical therapy, massage, and stretching program
  • Interventional pain treatments such as muscle, trigger point or spine-based injections
  • Acupuncture or electrical stimulation