Headaches (HA), one of the most common complaints for which people seek physicians, are a pain or discomfort in the head that can be well localized or general. There are many causes of headaches, including those originating from the head itself or those referred from the neck area, called cervicogenic headaches. Though most causes for a headache are benign, more serious pathology must always be excluded. Additionally, the complaint of “the worst headache of my life” must be evaluated urgently for a cerebral bleed. Other acute headache urgencies include poorly controlled hypertension, meningitis, stroke and tumor. In broad terms, headaches can be broken down into “primary” or “secondary” causes. Primary headaches have no discernable cause and can be further divided into cluster, tension, and migraine headaches. Secondary headaches are associated with pathology being either benign or malignant, diagnosed by MRI or CAT scan, neurological exam, blood work, and visual exam.