Compression Fractures – Integrated Pain Solutions

Compression fractures, common in the osteoporotic and elderly, can cause severe back pain. Compression fractures can also be seen with trauma or cancer, a disease for which the patient must be evaluated. A compression fracture is the collapse of a vertebral body due to one of the aforementioned conditions. The result is intense back pain which can last for weeks or months before slowly healing. Occasionally, though fortunately rarely, the bony compression affects the nerves or spinal canal, obviously making the situation worse. This condition is not a surgical emergency unless there are significant neurological deficits.

The unfortunate result of this type of fracture, besides pain, is that one fracture may have a domino effect, causing more fractures in the near future. This occurs because each fracture tilts the spine at a slightly unnatural angle, causing new and excessive stress on nearby vertebrae. Multiple compression fractures will cause your spine, and hence your posture to tilt forward (kyphosis), making ambulation more difficult. Reaching for things and looking straight ahead or upwards becomes quite arduous. As you bend forward even more, you can compress your lungs causing serious, if not fatal pulmonary complications. With heightened concern and screening for osteoporosis, this spinal complication is thankfully becoming less frequent.

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